Greig Memorial Library

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Covid-19 Reopening Rules

Posted by GreigMemLib on May 26, 2020 at 8:40 PM

Due to covid-19, when Greig Memorial Library re-opens, we will need to observe all federal and state guidelines. As of this posting, the library is set to open June 2nd, but the date is subject to change, per state and local guidelines. We want to ensure the health and safety of all our patrons, their families and our staff and volunteers and their families. Therefore, the following rules will apply to everyone utilizing the library during this pandemic.

1. Patrons must call ahead (309-483-3482) for a 15 minute appointment time. 

2. There will be no computers available for public use.

3. There will be no bathrooms available for public use.

4. Everyone will wear a face mask while visiting the library.

5. Hand sanitizer will be given upon entry and must be used.

6. Books will be returned inside the entry door, so that they can be sanitized and quarantined before re-shelving.

7. There will be a 5 book limit per patron per visit.

8. These rules are for everyone, including summer reading participants and families.

We hope you will enjoy visiting the library again, and we look forward to a return to normal operating procedures in the future. Stay safe, stay well, and keep reading!

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